Bad Piggies Apocalypse is a new game from Rovio. In the game, the pigs have to go back in time to stop the Apocalypse.


In the year 2154, the pigs were testing a new weapon called the giant laser missile. In revenge for them stealing the eggs, the birds stole the weapon and fired it at Piggy Island. The entire island was made a wasteland, and the survivors were herded to a remote island called Pigania. Over the course of time, the pigs were developing a time machine to get back to the past and stop the Apocalypse. In the year 3020, a successful time machine was built, and they sent a pig to stop the end of Piggy Island.


James T. Piggin

Inventor Herbert George Snouts

General Swine

King Hambone I

Inventor Robert Oppenswiner

Reporter Mark Pigini

Soldier Pigs

Han Swineson and the Pilot Pigs


Red Bird

Scientist Bird

Yellow Bird

Bomb Bird

General Beakson


1. Back to the Past

2. Meet General Swine

3. Feathery Attacks

4. Defense of Piggy Island

5. Missile Stealers

6. Apocalypse No More

Sky Hogs Mini-Game

Sand Box


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Bad Piggies Apocalypse will come out in theaters on July 31st, 2014. It will be made by Rovio's Twentieth Slingshot and The Swinestein Company. It will be directed by Cal Brunker. To find out more, click the link above.

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