Bad Piggies: The Spacetuskers is a spin-off of Angry Birds: Space.


Piggy IslandEdit

You play as Freckled Pig for the first 14 levels. You build your carts, everything normally. Once you get to level 15, you have to make a rocket that can support the weight of Freckled Pig, 2 corporal pigs, and King Pig. You also have to get high enough into the air to unlock the other levels. Once you unlock the other levels, you will be in space. Here, the King Pig, Freckled Pig and the corporal pigs have been transformed into Mutant Pigs. Mutant Pigs all have special abilities. Their normal attributes is having less weight in space. If sent down back to earth while the pigs are mutated, they will be heavier, and you will have to make a rocket again to get back up to space. Sort of like a mini-stage. While in space,  you have to make a vehicle with at least something that can make you move forwards. You still can use firework rockets and soda bottles, but those are not ideal, since they slow you down no matter which direction they are facing. Instead, you use a new item called a Propulsion Rocket, which is just a red soda bottle with fins on the end. Instead of the normal four directions they can go in, it has eight.

Pig BangEdit

Pig Bang has gravity. Since mutant pigs are heavier in the gravitational pull, it is advised you stay away. You also unlock the Propulsion Rocket in this theme.

Cold CutsEdit

It's very cold on this theme, thus unlocking the bubble and bubble machine. The bubble can make pigs lighter when in the gravity fields, and also protects them from freezing.



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