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Asher Ingame Design

Asher Bird From 2011

Asher Is A (Fan made) Bird That Can Stop Time By Just Tapping On The Screen

He will stop time and when you tap twice he will basically teleport over to where you want him to go

Once You Use His Teleportation He Will Go Into His Corpse(Aka He Won't Be Usable Until You Launch The Other Birds Or Other Stop Time Birds)

He also has a Angry Birds Toons!(Angry Birds 2) Design

He Is Seen In Snowy And Hot And Warm Places

Asher's Toons Design

He Will Not Appear In Rainy Places

He Is Though To Be The Blues Brother Or Cousin, This Is Very False

He is basically a winter northern cardinal, he prefers stay in the heat more though

Fun Fact:Asher Is The Only Bird That Wears Clothing

Asher's Corpse UI

asher's UI works different than others most birds would burst into feathers

Asher will teleport and implode sucking blocks near him into his implosion

Asher's Pop/Implosion

Meaning He Creates A Implosion Just Like How Bomb Explodes

Pigs Around The Implosion Will Pop Or Be Imploded

Though Implosions Could Be Cancelled By Fire Pigs(An Angry Birds 2 Enemy)

Asher's Corpse Sprite

Asher Also Has A Corpse Sprite Abilities/Powers/Tutorial Pictures


Time Freeze Is The Most Useful Power For Asher

Though There Are Downfalls

Construction Pigs,Crystal Pigs,Magician Pigs,Fire Pigs And Chemist Pigs Could Ruin The Ability If You Are Not Quick Enough

This Is Asher's Special Ability, A Quick Note Is Time Freeze Will Last For 5-10 Seconds Which Could Stop His Second Ability And Make Him Powerless Just Like 2009 Red Bird


He Will Use It Once You Tap Or Click Your Mouse

Though Fire Pigs Are Still A Downfall For This Power Unless You Trick Them

Unused Ability


Electric Asher(Commonly Known As Electric-Ash,Asher,Lightning Blue Bird,Etc)

He Will Use A Electrical Zap On Anything In His Way

His Teleport Ability Is Disabled And His Imploding Corpse Is Disabled

Time Freeze Will Still Be Usable

The ability was way to overpowered though so it is now crossed out.


Asher In Golden And Bronze Armor

Asher Wears A Golden Helmet And Bronze Armor

And Has A Golden Bronze Shield Which Is Rotting In Vines

So Is His FireStick Weapon

He Also Still Wears His Purple Goggles As It Blocks Water And Lava From Getting In His Face

Asher Using A Supernova And Making A Little Derpy Face Before It Happens

Giving him the chili will set a supernova explosion

His AI Works Alot Like Bomb And Red

His Attack Move Is Called Swipe Tele-Attack

Swipe Tele Attack: Will Make Him Swipe His Firestick Or Whatever Weapon You Give Him Also Teleport Combos

His Chili Special Is Very Rare To Encounter As It Could Only Be Encountered With Golden Chili's

Supernova Chili Attack: Only encountered with a golden chili and very high damage to pigs, It will destroy small pigs instantly,Medium Pigs Will Take Lots Of Damage Will Be On Half A Health, Large/Big/Giant Pigs Will Be Around The Middle Of Health

(But what do normal chili's do?: Normal Chili's Will Still Do A Special But Will Not Be An Explosion Instead All Birds Do There Special While Asher Does His Normal Attacks)

Asher's Information

Asher Is A Male

Same Age As Red

Strength:Medium(Weak If Time Freeze's Time Runs Out)


Alliance:The Flock.

Classic Line: Teleportation Is My Game!


(Debut) Beta Asher


Asher (AB Epic)


Asher Has A Red Bird Sprite Just Blue And More Detail

Asher has a different voice than red, they are not related even though they are the same species

Asher Has A Unused Sprite In The Gallery Called Debut

Back Then He Was Going To Have A Power To Change Into Any Bird(Scrapped)

His Original Name Was Going To Be Sean

He Also Has A Brother(It Is One Just Like Terence)

Asher's Birthday Is Christmas Day

Asher Might Be The Only Bird That Wears Clothing(His Debut Does Not Wear Any)

The Blues Hang Out With Asher More Than Any Other Birds