Anthony is the cyan bird of the flock. He has three spikey cyan hairs, and three on his tail. He has a beak like Chuck and eyes and eyebrows like Chuck, and he has a bright cyan belly. Anthony works at his place called Anthony's Groceries. He gets bird coins for his job. When a bird of the day buys something, the price is half off. When a pig shops, he marks up the price by 15%, but if a pig is the pig of the day, the price stays the same. If a human or another animal besides birds and pigs, it still stays the same. Anthony is the youngest of his brothers, Greg and Louis, and is a favorite of his Mama Leoné. Anthony can throw a brown grocery sack labeled Anthony's Groceries at predators, making fruits, vegetables, batteries, toys, crayons, paper, etc. come out. But, his Mama Leoné left a note on the door that said: "Tell your brothers to move out to the country." So, Anthony and his older brothers moved out to Piggy Island.

Personality Edit

Gender: Male

Known Aliases: Cyan Bird, Grocery Bird

Species: Geekfeazel

Anger Level: Testy

Powers: Throwing a brown grocery sack at his targets

Hobby: Working at his grocery store as a store clerk

Best friends: Greg and Louis

Hatching a Universe (Angry Birds book) Description Edit

Working at a grocery store, saving his pennies for someday, Anthony sells EVERYTHING, except for inappropriate stuff and drugs. Anthony is helpful, frisky, and friendly, and throws a grocery sack at his predators. What makes him angry? Robbers and pigs, and when they also destroy his grocery stuff.

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