Angry birds sweet gum is a gum franchise by Rovio entertainment, it was made into eight different flavours and was released in convenience stores

avaiable in these following stores Edit

  • 7-eleven
  • Walmart
  • tesco

flavors Edit

  1. red is strawberry
  2. the blues are eucalyptus
  3. chuck is lemon
  4. Matilda is spearmint
  5. bomb is grape
  6. stella is watermelon
  7. bubbles is orange/peach
  8. piggy is Apple/lime

tv comercial Edit

*red enters convenience store with bubbles *

Red: okay, get what you want

bubbles: YAY!

*bubbles gets some angry birds sweet gum*

bubbles: I got some gum

*red pays for gum*


*the word angry birds sweet gum appears on reds bubbles and the word in stores now appears on bubbles bubble*

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