This is the start of The angry birds expansion which includes this game,angry birds metaverse,angry birds xenoverse and angry birds omniverse. In the intro,red,chuck,the blues,bomb,Matilda and Stella(the original names of the birds)receive a letter from professor pork and go to his lab.then professor pork throws them into a portal on a secret mission to prove the existence of multiverses,metaverses,xenoverses and omniverses. They will encounter new planets and pigs. On planet huno, they will encounter the intelligent hogasaur civilization, lava pigs,suicidal bomb pigs and the rock bird which will gladly help you on your journey if you defeat the boss of planet huno,the combisaur. On planet pigsta,they will encounter the averagely intelligent and minecraft-related pigman civilization, rock pigs, and the lava bird which is very powerful against rock enemies and will help you if you free him. Also,eras from angry birds time travel will be zipped through professor pork's portal and be made into space versions

Planet huno


Planet pigsta

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