Angry birds Super powers up is a power costume abinity that was create by the fat pig of the rebel side...appear in the "Angry Birds Megaworld" Level 3-25 cutscence after beat the Hard pig that as the bosses...The power ups had enough for the angry members and more charector that will come in next section(I am not finish this page,please don't edit it)


A Symbol of this items are like the abinity of that members.

Mebium RedEdit

He look likes the knight that harming Mebium Mace that can shoot the long big yellow laser that can destroy everything

And when him shoot by slingshot he would fly as speed yellow bird or the king sling power up too!

The Clones BlueEdit

The blues are waring a cloths that made when you click on the screen,They will spliting into 3 for first and every click they will split for infinity time if infinity click! When they 9 if they crush something all of they,that object will explode!

Electric ChuckEdit

When you click somewhere in the screen,he will speed up whit electricity barrer and shoot 3 TNT boxs too the target that you click,It's better too use in water because the electricity are gose every where in the water

Bomb BlastEdit

While you click the screen...He will explosion like the super nova blast and split the cospe everywhere like C-3PO

and bomb agian in normal abinity

Matilda BusterEdit

She will shoot the eggs for triple buster and charge the body at that place at go stright like jewel from rio but her abinity was like big bro bird

Al the Jedi MasterEdit

He has the lighting sword now and he always open it,He open it when returning action too!

"TNT" TerenceEdit

The big brother bird will pickup some TNT,when click the screen he will explode the TNT and spliting TNT and also stop flying but if you didn't click and he fall...He will explode that area.

Jet BubbleEdit

Orange bird can speed up like yelow bird,Anotor abinity is still as normal orange bird

Stella The famale bubble birdEdit

she has a new blower that create a giant bubbles

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