This is the fanmade series that is so awnsome story advanture,Because Some group of bad piggies are been the angry bird side and then the spacial item,pig bosses,power up costume and all angry birds charector plus the "birds turn into pigs" the pigs are have some abinity of bird,So...the best spacial is the spicial weapon from the pig bosses that smilar bosses in megaman and the enemies pigs.(please wait...I'am not finish)

Level ScenceEdit

-Mega world is the first section of the game,the story begin from the time that Red and Chuck are play vidio game together and the eggs vanish in the secrete wormhole.Red,The Blues,Chuck,Bomb and Matilda booster in that worm hole and fine the cloud pig bomb factory.after they defense the Bomb pig,Guts pig,Cut pig and Elec(tric) pig the rebel pig are been the bird side and start training they intention and gone defense the Timepig,Ice pig,Fire pig and Oil pig

  1. -Danger Island
  2. -Hogs Factory
  3. -Future Tower
  4. -Hogs Trap
  5. -Bad Piggies
  6. -Forest Wars
  7. -Space Virus
  8. -Piggies Rocket
  9. -Commando Weapon
  10. -Element Base
  11. -Ultimate Level
  12. -King Star

-Training Dimension

-My Level,You Level

-Golden Eggs 


Angry bird side

  • Red : None
  • The Blues : Splitting into three
  • Chuck : Speeding Up
  • Bomb : Exploding
  • Matilda : Shooting Egg Bombs vertically downward
  • Al : Spin back like a boomerang
  • Terence : Strength and Momentum
  • Bubbles : Expands to huge size two seconds after impact
  • Stella : Trapping objects in bubbles
  • Ice bird : Turning surrounding blocks and pigs into ice
  • Lazer bird : Lock on target
  • Minion pig : None
  • Small pigs : Splits into three
  • Jetpack pig : Speeds up
  • Helmet pig : Explodes
  • Bowling Ball pig : Drops an exploding bowling ball
  • Beaked pig : Boomerangs back
  • Fat pig : Strength and Momentum
  • Balloon pig : Inflates
  • Female pig : Produces bubbles to lift pigs and obstacles
  • Frozen pig : Turning surrounding blocks and pigs into ice
  • Targeting pig : Lock on target
  • Lard Vader Ghost(Mighty Charector) : Do all of the abinity od starwars flock by forcing
  • Mighty Eagle : Defeats all pigs in a level
  • Red Skywalker : Using Green Lightsaber
  • Super Red bird : Push the Nearbies Object
  • Thunder birds : Splitting in to three and push the nearbies object
  • Fire Bomb bird : Tiny Big Bang
  • Monster bird : Strength and Momentum and push the nearby object
  • Jedi pig : Using the jedi slingshot like a sword
  • Radar masked pig : Push the Nearbies Object
  • Flashing pigs : Splitting in to three and push the nearbies object
  • Fire Blow Pig : Creating the fire exploding barries
  • Space fat pig : Strength and Momentum and push the nearby object
  • Atomic bird : Expands to huge size after impact
  • Planet pig : Expands and Explodes
  • Space Eagle : Mass destruction in a given area
  • Space Egg : Creating a black hole that sucks in or flings objects and pigs
  • Radar Droid Pig :Sucking Objacts and Pigs
  • Chuck Ham Solo : Shooting lasers 3 times
  • Terebacca : More powerfull Strength and Momentum and creating a quake
  • Stella Organa : Using a tractor beam to pull pig structures apart
  • C-3PO : Splitting into 5
  • R2-D2 : Electrifying Enemies
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi Ghost : Use the Powerfull force to levitate objects
  • Rebel Pilots : Splitting into 3
  • Yoda Style-bird : Use the Light Side of the Force to levitate objects
  • Jawas :
  • Blaster Droids pig
  • Chwebacca Fat pig
  • Mind power pig
  • Blast Droid Pig
  • Electricity Droid pig
  • Fan Pig
  • Rock helmet pigs
  • Force master pig
  • Robot pigs
  • Mighty spirit pig
  • Mighty Dragon
  • Circling blast pig
  • Mighty Philanda Eagle
  • Rugby pig
  • Mighty Falcon
  • Blaster Ship pig
  • The Hunter(Spacial Level)
  • Santa Bomb(Spacial Level)
  • The Wing Man(Spacial Level)
  • Blu The Markor
  • Jewel The Markor
  • Samba Pig
  • Booster Pig
  • pig hunter.
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