Angry Birds Character Creator Wiki

Angry birds globe travel is a game made by Rovio entertainment, the release date is unknown. This game is based of real and famous places and countries of the world.


red(screams and does nothing 1-1)

Blues(transforms into three separate birds 1-4)

Chuck(goes super fast 1-11)

Bomb(explodes and blows up 1-15)

Matilda(summons an egg that explodes on impact 1-19)

Terence(grunts and does nothing, but is super strong 2-1)

Hal(boomerangs and goes back 2-7)

Bubbles(inflates causing huge destruction 2-13)

Stella(creates a bubble that lift objects up 3-1)

Silver(loops and slams into the ground 3-10)

Mighty eagle(destroys almost everything)

Pigs(the enimies of the game)


1spicy omelettes based on Mexico

2the hog of Paris based on France

3hambadrone based on Brazil

4 BuckingHAM palace based on the United kingdom of Great Britain

5 Sydney harboar bridge based on Australia

6 The karate pigs based on japan

7 A world full of animals based on South Africa

8 India zone based on India

9 Hola apigo based on spain

10 Seedom and indepigdence based on New York, San Francisco, and washington D.C.

11 Egg pizza based on Italy

12 Green overalls based on Germany

13 Souk market based on Morroco

14 Russian ice based on Russia

15 New heights based on the Himalayan mountains of Nepal

16 End of rainbows based on Ireland

17 Superior supyramids based on Egypt

18 Maple pigs based on Canada

19 Greater wall based on China

20 Seedom and indepigdence II based on hollywood, mount rushmore and Las Vegas

21 Sahoga desert based on Algeria

22 Greecy hooves based on Greece

23 Machu beakchu based on Peru

24 Thai it together based on Thailand

25 New Zealand feeling based on New Zealand

26 Arctic GREENland based on Greenland

27 Skiing based on Austria

28 Heights of civilization based on the United Arab Emirates

29 vee it based on Vietnam

30 Piggy island (globe travel) based on the home of the birds and is the final sequential episode

bonus episode Golden globes similar to golden eggs

bonus episode Finland based on Finland

bonus episode Antarctic level creator make your own levels


see Angry birds Globe travel/achievements