Angry birds past is where red bird comes to the past to save his friends from the giant world wars but a robot pig awaits in there fort.... This is the first angry birds game that has dialogue from the birds and pigs.

First Cutscene:

Red bird:Let's get out of here! This is a massive war! Yellow bird:Red bird buddy where do we go? Black bird:Yeah! Where do we go? Red bird:To the time machine of course! General Adolf Swine:You won't get away!Attack soldier pigs!

Birds in episode 1 (for name see at a different page) Red bird (soldier version) Yellow bird (lieutenant version) Black bird (colonel version) Blue bird (general version) Big Brother bird (marshal version)

This game is a oxymoron sequel of angry birds future and angry birds:a swine hope.

Pigs in episode 1 General Adolf swine (boss) Colonel Hubert swine Soldier pigs

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