Entering the Human World is the first Angry Birds Human World Stories episode, and is optionally one of the Custom Angry Birds Toons. Additionally, this is the Season 1 premier of Angry Birds Human World Stories.

General Info Edit

Episode No.: 1

Air Date: June 9, 2013

Previous Episode: N/A

Next Episode: Petco Park

Pre-Episode Description Edit

June 9, 2013: The Angry Birds and Bad Piggies are still having their feuds at their home of Piggy Island. But, they find a creepy black hole that inhales them into a new ordinary dimension. What adventures could they possibly have?

Plot Edit

At the beginning, Red and Chuck are protecting the eggs, wishing they would hatch someday. The Blues and Bomb get a tour on Shen's Cherry Blossom trees, that were from the Seasons episode: Cherry Blossom. Bubbles, Matilda and Hal are on the shores Piglantis. Hal surfs, and almost hits Matilda, but Bubbles protects himself from injury. Stella and Hielo, the ice bird, are on the Summer Pignic grasslands. Stella complains that it is hot, while Hielo struggles to keep them cool. Back to the eggs, a portal appears, which scares Red. All the pigs, King Pig, Foreman Pig, Corporal Pig, just three Minion Pigs, Chef Pig, Freckles, Fat Pig, and Sam, are sucked into the portal. Chuck notices that only the pigs get teleported. But, Bubbles comes in and Bubbles says that they have to get away from the portal, but eventually are sucked into the portal.

Red is found alone and knocked out by the portal. He wakes up and gets scared, unaware that the eggs are behind him. Only about three seconds after being scared, he sees the eggs. He flies over to hug them, but he notices an aqua green envelope. It reads:

"Hello, Red! You're probably wondering where the flock members went! We couldn't find you, but I found you in this forest and placed the eggs there so you could find them! Me and my buddies have rented a new home, found furniture for it, and we also purchased food, and also, we got an Audi car! And the only iPhones we could find were a Red one, a Chuck one, and a Bomb one! There was this really nice guy who helped us get all this stuff for our Human World house! Your most trusted flock member, Chuck. P.S. Turn it over so you can see the county!"

Red looks at the map and realizes that the red dot shows where he is. He heads to the north, carrying the eggs with him, following where the wind blows. Ten minutes later, he finds a bunch of food, and yet another note. The note says that Chuck set it out for him. Red thanks Chuck even though he is not there (not exactly like a hallucination. Hallucinations are when you see things that aren't there, and you usually freak out about it.) On the picnic blanket, there lies a red gatorade bottle, a slice of cheese, bacon, french toast with syrup, and a hot dog with ketchup on it.

Red fills up his stomach with the nourishments, and moves on. He finds a 20 dollar bill on the floor, and spends it on a ticket to go to a Padre game. As he goes a longer way, he sees two versions of him: Angel Red and Devil Red. Devil Red tells him to go save little kids in a forest fire. But, Angel Red wants him to carry on. Red says Devil Red tells a bunch of lies, so he agrees with Angel Red. The two Reds disappear and Red carries his eggs with him along the way.

Red finds the street where all of the other birds are. Outside the property, Chuck greets Red and shows him around.


  • At the end of the episode, Stella is not with the flock.
  • Angry Birds Human World Stories Season 1 is called Beginning Adventures.
  • This is the first appearance of Red, The Blues, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Hal, Terence, Bubbles, Shen, Hielo, and Stella.
  • This is also the first appearance of King Pig, Foreman Pig, Corporal Pig, Minion Pigs, Freckles, Chef Pig, Fat Pig, and Sam.
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