AB Heroes! ( Angry Birds HEROES! ) is an upcoming fan-game of the game Angry Birds! Created by BTM Studios, the game has a concrete release date on 2017 or 2018 depending on the game's develop progress. Edit

Release Dates: Edit


iOS: 2017-2018

Andriod: 2017-2018

Description: Edit

The Angry Birds have been morphed into a League! Join Superbird, Ninja Blue, Flash Bird, King Of Poop, Bomberman, Boomerbird, Wingman ( Angry Birds Friends Powerup ), Puff!, and Pink Cap! These 10 HEROES were legends from the ninten nineties. Coming to fight Joker Pig, El Porkador, The Incredible Oink!, Amphibious Gale, Pigfinity, FOURMan Pig, Cubustible Pig!, SnoutClaw, Professor Pigstorm, and the ultimate Rosszilla! This 10 VS 10 Hero vs Villian Bird and Pig fight will lead into the end of the Earth! or the survive of Earth! Whigh side will you join?

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Game Information!

This game is just like an ordinary Angry Birds game with 3 chapters!

World 1: Birdopolis ( 19 LEVELS and 1 BOSS Battle versus Joker Pig! or Super Red! )

World 2: The Piggy Factory ( 31 LEVELS and 1 BOSS Battle versus Rosszilla! Or Flash )

World 3: Volcanic Caves ( 15 LEVELS and 1 BOSS BATTLE versus SnoutClaw or Pink Cap )

Worlds 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 WORLDS TBA Soon

Of course, there is a Pig side! You HAVE to choose a side, In Birdopolis you can play as Super Red if you choose the bird side and you can play as Joker Pig if you choose the pig's side etc. The game is just a simple Angry Birds game with a slingshot and all that, but with epic graphics! Birdopolis is a city in Bird Island. The Piggy Factory is in another planet. AND the Volanic Caves in in Hawaii.

Super Bird ( Red )

Super Red

Gender: Male

Friends: The Bird League

Enemies: The Porkvillians!

Strength: Strong

Size: Normal

Power: like ordinary Red Bird but stronger and later unlocks Presion Mask which can destroy an enitre lane of your choice!

Unlock at: Birdopolis ( Bird Side )

Cost: 10 Credits


Pink Cap

Gender: Female

Friends: The Bird League

Flash Bird ( Love interest )

Enemies: The Porkvillians!

Strength: Medium

Size: Slight under-normal

Power: Use it BIRD without the powers is a weak risk! Pink Cap can throw 2 explosive bubbles created a destruction of obstacles!

Unlock At: Volcanic Caves


Flash Bird


Friends: The Bird League except for Bomberman

Pink Cap ( Stella ) ( love interest )

Enemies: Tbe Porkvillians

Strength: Strong

Size: Normal

Power: Speed! Faster than Chuck and more stronger and breaks through some stone

Unlock At: The Piggy Factory ( Bird Side )

Cost: 30 Credits



The game will be a fan game on Gamejolt for free for all players

Mini-games will be added

More birds will be added throughout the week!

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