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Angry Birds Extra is a TV series that aired June 4,2014 on Cartoon Network and August 1, 2014 on Disney XD.


Taking place after Angry Birds Stella, the Stella Flock gets a new recruit: Sonic. And now they are on big adventures.


Main charactersEdit

  • Sonic - The main protagonist. He looks like Red but is blue and has spiky hair.
  • Stella - The main deutargonist and the leader of the Stella Flock.
  • Luca - The main tritagonist and the youngest. He was also the only male until Sonic joined the Stella Flock.
  • Dahlia - One of the secondary tritagonists and the genius of the Stella Flock.
  • Poppy - One of the secondary tritagonists and the craziest of the group.
  • Willow - One of the secondary tritagonists and the daydreamer of the group.

Known voice actorsEdit

Roger Craig Smith as Sonic, Red, Blackout, Techmo and Super Sonic (A.K.A. Super Sayian Sonic) Christina Aguilera as Stella, Future Poppy, Mother Time and Purple Bird Tara Strong as Luca, Poppy, Willow, The Blues and Future Stella Grey DeLiesle as Dahlia and Gale Tom Kenny as Piggy'Mcool and Bad Piggies Logan Grove as Future Luca Josh Keaton as Future Sonic Maxwell Atoms as Dark Red Bird, Virtual Techmo and Jeff The Killer Morgan Freeman as Demon Sonic David Glen Eisley as Sonic 's singing voice Will Arnett as Terrence (and possibly Wingman)


  • This is the first thing in the Angry Birds franchise that has an human, although the human in question is an humanoid.
  • This TV show is less girly. Instead, unexpected things happen, or something just happens to a character (Example: "Evil Poppy" involves Poppy turning grumpy after waking up in the wrong side of the bed). Also, many of these things are caused by Dahlia's inventions.
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