This is the sequel to the new angry birds Epic 3 which I've seen in another wiki.

Like angry Birds Epic 3 it is a crossover. Above is a gallery of possible enemies of this game.

This game was released and it is a crossover between Angry Birds Epic, Powerpuff Girls and Camp Lakebottom.

About the Powerpuff girls:

The Powerpuff girls don't appear but the leader of the powerpunk girls (Berserk) makes her debut in Rovio games.

About Camp Lake Bottom:

It feutures some of the beasts of Camp LB. Like a giant crab and Zombies.

Major events:

-Prince Porky is playable again!

-New Pig side mode is here, it is unlocked by completing 3 Boss battles. But that's another story.

-New playable characters!

-New set items!

-Chronicler Pig's debut.

-Guest appearence: ButtSquat ('Boooooo').

Pig Side mode:

In this special mode you can play as the pigs and they even have their passive abilitys

-Prince Porky: Regains dodge ability!

-King Pig: Regains Annoying ability

-Monty: Regains Annoying ability

-Stiny Stanley: Regains Undead ability!

-Captain Redbeard: Regains Dirty tricks ability!

-Blizzard Pig: Regains ??? ability!

-Voodoo Docter : Regains Wildling ability!

-Poseidon Pig: Replaces Mighty Eagle! Poseidon Pig is only playable in already completed levels.

The Bosses:

Demonic Wizpig

He appears in level 1 as if this game was canon, it started after the battle of Wizpig castle.

He regains his abilitys but is weaker because he is level 1.

Tribal Pack

Regaining their abilitys the top secret boss has returned!

They are located in Bamboo Forest as they moved to a new home


He will summon in a Doom Drone as aid but only once

He will also summon a weaker drone as support every 3 turns.

Buttsquat (Level 16)Health: 1685

Boomerang Gun: Deals 200 damage all other enemies take 50 damage.

Drones, ATTACK!: Charge 3 turns, commands all ally's to attack random targets.


Yes she even returns in RPG

Gale(Level 20)Health : 3094

Staff Smash!: Deals 356 damage.

Help Me!:Charge 2 turns heals for 100 health. This healing is increased by 50% per ally .

Vengeful Reinforcements: If attacked there is a 20% chance to summon a Soldier Pig for support.

She is located on a secret castle though which is unlocked after level 37

King Crab

A monster found in Lake McBottomless Pit

(level 26) Health :4800

Golden Pincers: Charge 3 turns:Deals 564 damage to all enemies.

Wildling: Gains bonus attack power while the rage chilli fills up.

Berserk :

The main antagonist of the game

(level 31) Health: 6070

Falcon Punch:Deals 789 damage. 35% chance to deal critical damage

Tangle Ribbons:Deals 200 damage. 50% chance to stun target for 1 turn.

Annoying :Increases attack power of all ally's by 10%.

Fight her in the powerpunk girls house.

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