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Welcome to Angry Birds Character Creator Wiki, started June 20, 2011. This wiki is for sharing your ideas of Angry Birds! We now have a whopping 583 articles in our wiki. Thanks for all your contributions!

Note: Angry Birds is created by Rovio Games not us.

Note: This is not Angry Birds 2, just a fanon wiki.

You can created Birds, Pigs, Obstacle, Golden Egg Level and even Episodes! But please use Infobox. <createbox> width=35 break=no buttonlabel=Create new article </createbox>


If do these thing over 5 times, will be blocked for 9001 (Over 9000) years.

  • Do not being rude to anyone.
  • Do not swearing.
  • Cheating for badges.
  • Make page that not related to Angry Birds.
  • Created a page that lack of contents.
  • Created a Big Brother version of a bird, which it is not originals, unless it is in a special level. You can still make picture of a Bird from the Big Brother Bird sprites.

If do these thing over 3 times, will be blocked for 9001 (Over 9000) years.

  • Vadalizing a page, or an userpage.
  • Stealing other's ideas.
  • Edit information in a talk page message that not create by your.
  • Changing or adding contents on a page that is not made my you.
  • Using artworks of other without premission.
  • Creating pages from copyright material (unless made with permission).

If do these thing only once time, will be blocked for 9001 (Over 9000) years.

  • Try to vandalizing the wiki
  • Doing all of the above

New Great Ideas

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