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Angry Birds: My Little Pony Is A Fan Angry Birds Game. Fire Games Is The Developer


•Red Has Spike's Role, In 2-14 He Gets An Upgrade, Fire Shield.

•As The Level 2-15 MidBoss, A Giant Terrence,  Makes An Apearance

•Stella Has Twilight's Role, In 1-14 She Gets Her First Upgrade , In 3-16 She Gets Her 2nd Upgrade

•The Blues Have Pinkie's Role, 4-2 Has Her Upgrade

•Bomb Has Applejack's Role, 3-5 Has Her Upgrade

•A Female, Cyan Chuck Has Rainbow Dash, Upgrade Introduced In 1-17

•Matilda Has Rarity's Role, Upgrade In 5-18

Bubbles Has Fluttershy's Role, No Upgrade

•Chuck, Has A Royal Gaurd's Role, No Upgrade

•An Oarnge Chuck Has Scootaloo's Role, Upgrade In 5-13

•A Yellow Bird Has AppleBloom's Role, Upgrade 3-7

•A Smaller, White Stella Has Sweetie Belle's Role, Unknown Upgrade

•An Oarnge Version of Stella Has Sunset Shimmer's Role becomes playable at 7-1



Fire Sheild: When tapped, Red will produce a ring of fire around him Sheild Break: Obtained at 3-10, When tapped after fire sheild, the fire will burst


Good Magic Pull:can also pull in Pigs Amazing Pull: Pulls 3 rows of blocks


1. Friendship Is Magic

  Mid-Boss: NightBird Moon
  Boss: NightBird Matildity

2. The Return Of Harmony

 Mid-Boss: Discord Pig
 Boss: Queen Chrysalias

3.The Chrystal Empire

 Mid-Boss: King Sombra
 Boss: Changed Destinys Birds

4 . Equestria Birds

 Mid-Boss: Snips Bird And Snails Bird
 Boss: Sunset Shimmer Demon Form

5. Princess Stella Sparkle.

 Midboss 1: Maneiac
 MidBoss 2: Flutterbat
 Boss: A Red Pig With Horns

6.Rainbirds Rock

 Boss:Siren Birds

7.Marked Magic

 Mid-Boss 1: TBA


•In Chapter 4, Sunset Puts On Stella's Crown After 4-11, Unlike Equestria Girls, Which Sunset Does Near The End

• Level 3-20's Boss Is Because The Mane 6 Birds (Exept Stella) Like Thier Lives, But In MLP:FIM, Twi Had Them Help Them


The Shop Is Diffrent, Not Just Containing Charaters From The Game, It Includes All Birds From Previous Games, Upgraded Red (From Red's Mighty Feathers), Electric Bomb (From Short Fuse) And Power Ups

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