AB: DO is a game where angry birds fight birds and pigs with all sorts of equipments.

Birds Edit

Bird Equipment Speed Vehicle Eyesight Boost
Red Stick (Basic) 30 km per hour Beak Kart Strong x2
Chuck Hockey Stick (Basic) 50 km per hour Chuckner 60 Normal x3
Bomb Spoon (Basic) 40 km per hour Bomblaster Effective x2 half
Matilda Rose Hose (Basic) 45 km per hour Eggernutty Normal x2
Hal Boomerang (Basic) 50 km per hour= Return Boombamerang Weak x3
Terence Self=None 10 km per hour Beaklam Kart Strong x1

Upgrades Edit

Bird Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Cost of Upgrade 1 Cost of Upgrade 2
Red Hockey Stick Sword 1225 coins 1655 coins
Chuck Tennis Racket Musquito Zapper 920 coins 1700 coins
Bomb Fork Spork 555 coins 1100 coins
Matilda Rose Spray Rose Jet 1250 coins 1710 coins
Hal 2 Boomerangs Supersonic Jet 960 coins 2760 coins
Terence Viking Helmet Ram's Horns 2210 coins 3450 coins

Versions Edit

V.1.0- July 18 20?: Basic Slingshot Levels

V.1.6- August 6 20?: Foggy Fight and Kart Racing Levels

V.1.9- August 24 Online Testing (Foggy Fight and Kart Racing)

Not finished.

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